Life After Levels



To complement the introduction of the new 2014 curriculum for primary schools, there is a new system of assessment and tracking, and new SATS at the end of KS1 and KS2. Levels will no longer be used by primary schools.


Below are the slides from our recent parent presentation, exploring the reasons for a change from levels to a ‘Mastery’ approach, and setting out the changes that parents will see as TSM swaps to the Hampshire Assessment Model.


We also set out on a single page our policy on assessment, based on the Hampshire Model, summarising the types of assessment we do, the purposes of it and the audiences for it.



Link to presentation


Assessment Policy


For those parents who were unable to attend the recent SATS presentation, the presentation link below sets out the new arrangements for 2016.  To complement the introduction of the new national curriculum, there have been a number of changes to the format of the papers and how results will be reported; a particular point to note is the higher 'expected standard' for children at the end of KS2 under the new arrangements.